Finiti is a small international team focused on revolutionizing Financial Modeling in order to bring it to a market outside the financial industry. There had been years of research poured into the projects machine learning capabilities, but they needed to put their output in the form of a product.






Brand Design, Presentation

Brand Design, Presentation

From Spreadsheets to Wireframes

Coming from a Hedge Fund management background, Finiti’s CEO saw opportunity in taking everyday tasks that analysts perform, automating it and then making it self-explanatory.

Wireframes were developed based on the spreadsheets that he typically used to assess stocks to find the simplest key elements to show, while allowing the user to drill into details and get advice.

Model Selector
User home
User settings – Notifications
sidebar – Entry 1

Mobile Friendly

Our grid system allows for every page and detail view to collapse well in a mobile setting.  

Design System

A style guide and information system was produced for a thorough front-end experience to allow for continued exploration of utility and product-market fit.


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