VHX Seller Interface

2014 - 2016

VHX Sellers had a very niche set of problems to solve outside of simply managing their "Netflix in a box" video service. We had a few years of pivoting to target a more specified market and in that time, VHX developed a wide variety of seller types with different needs to account for. The interface went through many iterations, lading on the screens below.

After many usability tests and seller analysis, I developed a tab system that would retain the important take-home financials that were pertinent to every seller type, while allowing the user to see the details that most related to their business. That way a person with transacitonal sales could take a deep-dive into where those sales were coming from, where a subscription seller could focus on how to reduce customer churn.


VHX  Aquired by Vimeo


Design Director


UX & UI Product Design

Traffic Tab
Subscriber and Churn Tab

Smart Sidebars

In order to keep the interface simple and actionable, Video meta information and statistics were nested into a sidebar. This allowed for adding in a lot more metrics to a very mobile-friendly interface.

Video Analytics Gif

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