LKQD Brand Refresh

2016 - 2018

Created a Brand language for the LKQD video advertising platform and applied it across a variety of mediums. The goal was to modernize the existing elements, but keep it approachable, friendly and simple in a relatively stale portion of the video industry.


LKQD, Nexstar


Contract CD


Brand Design, Presentation

LKQD Brand Slide 1

A refinement of the current logo, color and type treatments were sought to help convey a warmth and character.

LKQD Brand Slide 3
LKQD Brand Slide 2

Applied these base rules across a variety of mediums, while creating new illustrative content, helping to simplify communication of complex or acronym-heavy concepts.

Continued iteration through presentations helped refine the brand as a test-bed for the upcoming marketing site creation.

LKQD Decks

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